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Guidance for activities in the church premises

Updated on 29 September 2021

The latest version of this document will always be available on the church website via a link at the bottom right of the home page.

We are accepting bookings for all future dates.

The only condition we are placing on hall users is that you must not allow anyone into the premises who

  • is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, continuous cough or loss of taste or smell) or
  • is currently required to self-isolate by the NHS, or because of foreign travel.

The Government has cancelled all regulations concerning Covid-19 precautions but is asking individuals and groups to remain cautious.

The primary responsibility for the safety of the people attending your group or event lies with you. The church will do its best to comply with good practice, but you need to be satisfied that the risk of holding a meeting or event is as low as reasonably possible.

You may wish to use a contactless thermometer to take your attendees' temperature and anyone reading 38C or above should not be allowed in.

We are not placing any other specific requirements on hall users, but we urge you to consider which risks in your risk assessment are still of concern and to act accordingly. You may therefore wish, for example, to continue hand sanitising, face covering, social distancing, or to apply restrictions on numbers.

Be aware that others may be using the buildings at the same time as you and that they may include vulnerable people. Please therefore ask your participants to wear face coverings when moving around the corridors or using the toilets.

The entire premises will continue to be cleaned daily to Covid-secure standards. They are not necessarily cleaned between activities taking place on the same day, and we advise you to clean frequently-touched items before use - for example door handles and tables.

Ventilation is still a useful mitigation of the risk of infection, but please ensure that you close any windows that you open, or that you found open.

Capacity limits are no longer backed by regulation, but if you choose to continue social distancing the following are the maximum numbers of points that can be occupied by a group of people remaining seated and facing in the same direction, at 1m and 2m spacing.

Spaceat 1mat 2mExcluded areas
Aitken Hall 83 32 Stage
Miles Hall 72 28 Stage
Tweddle Hall36 15
Choir Vestry12 7 Piano
Church 10240 Gallery, raised platform, piano, sound desk
Chapel 9 3 Raised platform, piano

If you have any questions or comments please fell free to contact me.

Peter Campbell Smith
Convenor, Management Committee
01372 728593 – 07599 992350 – pj,campbell,smith^gmail,com