St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Cheam
St Andrew’s Cheam
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St Andrew’s Charitable Fund

We make an offering after regular communion services and on other occasions for charities, and the following have been chosen by Church Meeting to receive the benefits for the period May 2017 to April 2018:

May & Jun * Tearfund(from 2016)
Jul & Aug St Andrew’s Mission Fund
Sep & Oct * Sutton Schoolswork(from 2017)
Nov & Dec * Sutton Community Works(from 2017)
Jan & Feb St Andrew’s Mission Fund
Mar & Apr * Mission Aviation Fellowship(from 2015)

* Nominations for charities to benefit in these four periods are invited from the congregation and selected by vote at the AGM. Charities may be selected for up to three consecutive years but must then drop out for at least a year unless there is overwhelming support for them to continue to be supported.

From time to time we also support ...

Magic Breakfast
Disasters Emergency Committee
Christian Aid
Commitment for Life