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Preparing a service

Steps required

The following is a description of what I do. It isn't necessarily the only way to do it.

  • Receive order of service from Craig (or whoever)
  • Until we are allowed to sing, locate recordings of hymns and songs
  • Edit and adjust recordings
  • Ensure that Christy has enough info to prepare printed order of service and OpenLP
  • Prepare YouTube to receive streamed service

Receive order of service from Craig

Craig normally provides the order of service around Wednesday. Normally we have members of the congregation reading the Bible readings and leading the prayers of intercession. You can see who these are on the Rotas page of the website. Email them to remind them.

Locate recordings of hymns and songs

Until we are allowed to sing, locate recordings of the songs. If you are lucky we will have these already. First go to the Songs database (Worship → Songs & services), find the song and click on its title. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see something like this:



Songs already in the library

This example (unusually) shows 3 possible sources of the recording. Recording 1 is from a YouTube video, from which the sound track has already been downloaded and (probably) cleaned up. You can listen to the YouTube video by clicking on the ▶ against 'Source URL'. If you decide to use this recording, you can download the flac (high quality) file by noting the name against 'Audio file' and going to this page:

... finding the exact same file name (with a .flac suffix) and downloading it. If you are using Chrome you do this by right-clicking on the file name and selecting 'Save link as ...'. Note that these files are held on a small computer on my home network, so download speed may be slow.

Recording 2 shown above has not come from YouTube, so you can pre-listen to it by clicking on the ▶ and then download it from the above flacs list. The version you pre-listened to is a lower-quality mp3 format file, but if you can't access the flac version it will be better than nothing.

The third (and fourth) options listed are CD tracks which are held only offline, so unless you can get hold of the CD from the Campbell Smiths or elsewhere you're out of luck there.

Most of the flac files have been edited to get a good sound level and to have 2sec of silence at the start and end. Check that that is so and use Audacity to edit them if not.

Songs not in the library

If we don't have a recording you will need to look for one on YouTube and other places. There is some guidance here. The best free tool I have found for extracting audio from YouTube is Viddly (previously called Free YouTube Downloader).

If you do this, please leave a copy on the desktop of the church computer and I will add it to the library.


Check which verses are included, and any words which differ from those in OpenLP, and tell Christy your findings. Note that where the words differ a lot from OpenLP a separate OpenLP somg may have been created. You can see that for Recording 2 in the above example, and Christy should be asked to use that song (its name will be suffixed with '(recording)') when creating the OpenLP service plan.

Sourcing the songs can take quite a while, so don't leave it until Sunday morning.

Ensure that Christy has the info

Christy will need the minister's order of service in order to prepare and print the congregational version. From you she will need any song words which are not as in the Songs database, and that includes any word changes (look out for you/thou) and any alteration to verses. Songs of Praise sourced songs are usually truncated to 3 or 4 verses.

Prepare YouTube

The instructions for this are here.

The instructions for Sunday morning are here.